How to prepare oysters

Lay the oyster with the flatter shell up. Insert an oyster shucker close to the hinge of the shell. Wiggle the tip of the shucker until you find the connective muscle. In pacific and native oysters, the muscle is located on one side, a little away from the hinge. It is easier although not preferable to insert the shucker or a knife from the end of the oyster opposite the hinge.

preparing oyster 1

Twist the knife to disconnect the muscle and prise the shell open. Discard the top (flatter) shell. Take care not to lose any of the delicious liquor.

preparing oyster 2

The oyster flesh is often turned over to display its other side, which many consider to be more attractive.

To do this, snip the abductor muscle from under the oyster on the bottom shell, releasing oyster from shell

 preparing oyster 3

Place the oyster knife against the underside of the oyster and gently roll the oyster over in the shell