How to dry-fillet fish

Dry filleting takes a lot longer as you have to wipe the fish down with paper towels and clean surfaces without water, however top Chefs say they prefer dry-filleting as the fish lasts longer and also behaves better when cooking.

It takes longer to do as you need to be more mindful of waste in the process however you end up woth a crisper dryer final product.

1. Clean all surfaces so they are very dry.

2. Pat down the fish with paper towel so it too is dry.

3. Remove the head and gills.

4. Carefully removing the skin.

5. Slide you knife down the spine to remove one half of the fish. 

6. Remove the spine and carefully remove any left over bones.

Images courtesy of Colin Baker, Exceutive Chef from the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay.

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