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Queensland’s Rocky Point Aquaculture is cutting its losses after white spot disease, expanding to farm other species

Latest news in Australian fisheries

Science news from Australian fisheries

Aquaculture farmers may be able to turn their wastewater into a new income stream by producing high-value nutraceutical compounds

Building on momentum from last year, the 2018 national Fish and Chips Awards kick off in August

Fresh food and community pride are two of the benefits that come with the opportunity to expand fishing activities for the Northern Territory’s remote coastal Indigenous communities

Fostering innovation and greater productivity in Australia’s fishing sector is the aim of an event that connects innovators with the investment to make their ideas a reality

Marine safety and welfare are crucial in bringing fishers home to their families

Seafood enterprises in Queensland’s Mackay region are finding new ways to add value to consumer experiences and community wellbeing

Sharon Petersen reckons she has the best job in the world, bringing seafood to far-flung communities around the Mackay region

The flow-on effects of successful fisheries businesses contribute to improved community wellbeing in diverse spheres

Leadership program proves valuable to sector into the future

Work for the Dole participants in NSW learn new skills as they help rehabilitate local waterways

Collaboration between government and fishers has helped Victoria’s western abalone fishery to recover from a catastrophic virus outbreak

Coordinating data collection and collaborating with fishers are key requirements in successfully dealing with the global issue of ghost gear

Combining the stories behind our seafood with technological innovation can help businesses make it in the marketplace, Fish-X participants are learning

A scientific technique developed in Australia to estimate Southern Bluefin Tuna stocks is being applied to other species

Local fishers gain a new perspective on market opportunities by viewing Australia from European shores

When it comes to fisheries data, Nadia Engstrom is the ‘go-to’ person in Queensland

Western Australia’s pearl industry is taking a new tack with seismic surveyors and oil and gas explorers