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You’re invited to join us to ‘Sea the Future’ at Seafood Directions 2017. The two-day conference showcases the best of the Australian seafood industry and opens the door to discussions, concepts and solutions for all levels of the supply chain. Seafood Directions 2017 will provide a platform to connect and collaborate with business leaders and those at the forefront of the seafood industry. Discuss the current and potential challenges that the industry is facing and develop the ideas that will pave the way for a sustainable future for all.

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Fisher experiences will play a crucial role in extending the use of new gear designed to reduce prawn trawl bycatch and improve fleet efficiency

Latest news in Australian fisheries

Science news from Australian fisheries

An innovation award recognises potential uses in aquaculture for new oxygen generation technology

There’s a new look to the National Fish and Chips Awards in 2017 as the FRDC promotes a new people’s choice category, which will run in conjunction with the National Seafood Industry Awards in September

Fresh, local, high-quality seafood has helped create a successful formula for the most recent winner of the National Fish and Chips Award.

International experience is helping Australia’s prawn farmers rebuild from the recent white spot disease outbreak

In the recreational fishing sector, there is increased emphasis on the ‘responsible’ behaviour of participants to underpin continuing access to the nation’s fisheries resources

Tracking technologies have given scientists and authorities new tools to aid in the quest for people and sharks to peacefully coexist

An online education resource is helping teachers to equip their students with knowledge about primary production in Australia

Australia’s fisheries sector has improved its performance over the course of a decade, with a new analytical framework helping to target further gains

An opportunity to investigate the supply chain of Atlantic Salmon with Tasmanian producer Petuna offers insight into the many players needed to bring Australia’s favourite fresh fish to our tables

In the contested space of resource sharing, economics can provide one means of taking the conversation forward

A range of measures in concert with the eradication of carp from waterways could provide the key to the restoration of Australia’s inland fisheries

Going fishing provides many benefits to Indigenous communities, including strengthening the bonds of shared identity

The Pacific Oyster industry’s determination to fight back after the incursion of POMS has received a funding boost

An international study tour has helped put Australia’s seafood marketing in perspective for Abby McKibben

The efforts of Australian researchers are helping to underpin the sustainable development and use of fisheries resources internationally and at home

Ensuring the quality of scientific information used to manage Australia’s fisheries and marine ecosystems is important in earning the trust of stakeholders and the community in the decision-making process

A multi-faceted career helps Chris Calogeras represent a diverse range of fishery perspectives and ensure every voice has a chance to be heard