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The small but sweet fillets of Eastern School Whiting are reaching local markets, thanks to an initiative to invest in automated processing

The arrival in Australia of a highly contagious crustacean disease has prompted an emergency response to protect the prawn industry

Latest news in Australian fisheries

Science news from Australian fisheries

Tasmanian researchers are at the forefront of research into kelp ecology to better understand the resilience of this pivotal marine organism

A new approach to reporting the status of Australian fish stocks improves transparency and provides public access to dynamic data on the status of stocks

The latest research into seafood shopping experiences identifies opportunities to make seafood buying simpler for consumers

With a global focus on making better use of our fisheries resources, an age-old issue gains renewed focus

Raising demand for selected bycatch species or creating a protein blend are potential outcomes from research that aims to create value from fish that would otherwise be discarded

Pairing professional fishing crews with leading Australian chefs has provided the formula for a special television series to showcase the hard work involved in bringing Australia’s diverse and high-quality seafood to consumers

Is there a case for Australian suppliers and processors to unite on seafood sourcing claims?

As the FRDC investigates whether or not it is feasible to release a carp-killing virus, one fisher contemplates a future without his nemesis

New initiatives are targeting mislabelling, fraud and quality control throughout the supply chain

Many Australians remain unfamiliar with sea urchin roe as an ingredient, but efforts to develop a quality product are paying dividends both economically and environmentally

New efforts to overcome river barriers are helping to restore crucial life cycle travel for migrating fish species

Efforts to re-establish river snags are bringing residents of both the waterway and the local community back to the reaches of the lower Darling

Climate change predictions have intensified Australian efforts to improve the resilience of oysters to increasing ocean acidification

Diverse perspectives find common ground among the aspirations of a new generation of seafood sector leader

Knowledge, partnerships and research capacity continue to play important roles in sustainable fishing and aquaculture sectors. FRDC reports to Parliament and its stakeholders about its activities over the past financial year.

A big picture approach drawing on economic, market and scientific data has helped Roger Edwards lead fisheries to sustainable growth