Rock Lobster Fishery

The rock lobster fishery is a major Tasmanian industry providing significant benefits from exports from the commercial fishery and a highly popular and iconic recreational fishery.

The state's remote location and pristine environment provide ideal conditions for the southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii). Commonly known in Tasmania as crayfish, the rock lobster lives in a variety of habitats ranging from shallow rocky inshore pools out to the continental shelf. It varies in colour from the deep reddish purple of shallow water specimens to purple and creamy yellow in deeper offshore waters. A large female rock lobster can carry up to 400,000 eggs. These 'berried' females are totally protected in Tasmanian waters and must be returned to the water immediately. This is one of many rigorous measures implemented by the State Government to ensure sustainability of this high value and highly prized crustacean.

The Tasmanian commercial rock lobster fishery is managed by quota management, supplemented by size limits, gear restrictions and seasonal closures.

southern rock lobster

image: southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii)

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