Coastal Net Fishery

The fishery extends from the high water mark to three nautical miles out from the low water mark. The fishery is divided into regions and fishers can only fish in the region or regions nominated on their licence. The regions include: Darwin – from Cape Hotham to Native Point and Cape Ford to Cape Dooley; Gove – between Cape Arnhem and Cape Wilberforce; Borroloola – from Bing Bong Creek and Pelican Spit. Reef fish protection areas are closed to fishing. Access may be restricted around registered Aboriginal sacred sites and protected areas. Nets must meet strict requirements and must be emptied in water more than 30 cm deep to help the release of bycatch. Mullet is the primary species taken in the coastal net fishery. A number of byproduct species are also taken including blue Threadfin, sharks, Queenfish, Garfish, Snapper and Whiting. Barramundi, king threadfin, Spanish mackerel or Mud crab cannot be taken under a coastal net license.

Sea Mullet_0936SM

image: sea mullet