Coastal Line Fishery

 Fishing is allowed along the NT coast between the high water mark and 15 nautical miles out from the low water mark. Special restrictions apply in the western zone. The western zone extends from the Western Australian border to Vashon Head on Cobourg Peninsula, in the NT. Fishing is not allowed in reef fish protection areas. Access is also restricted around registered Aboriginal sacred sites and protected areas. The following fishing methods or equipment as allowed: vertical lines, cast nets, scoop nets or gaffs can be used from the high water mark out to 15 nautical miles from the low water mark; drop lines and up to five fish traps can be used from two to 15 nautical miles out from the low water mark; up to five hooks per vertical line and up to 40 hooks per drop line. Fish traps can't be used in the western zone. Black Jewfish and Golden Snapper are the main species taken in the coastal line fishery. Byproduct species include emperors, cods and other snappers.

Black Jewfish_2236SM

image: black jewfish

Golden SnapperSM

image: golden snapper