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Spanner Crab has a delicate light crab flavour. When this crab is cooked whole, its bright orange shell is very attractive served on a buffet or platter. The suggestions for cooking spanner crabs are almost endless, especially as many producers are now selling processed crab meat (claws, chunks or mince) which make preparation much quicker and easier. Try them pan-fried with sea salt and cracked black pepper, or coat and deep fry the claws and serve with sweet chilli or plum sauce. They are good for seafood platters, with garlic or citrus juice, or for salads with avocados and bitter greens. For Asian-style cooking, spanner crabs make excellent clear consommés or Thai-style broths, and are a good choice as an ingredient for won tons and dumplings. They are also excellent minced and used in patties or fish cakes. For a Mediterranean touch, combine them with chervil, sorrel, chives or coriander in frittatas, quiches and omelettes.


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