Redthroat Emperor

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Emperors are superior table fishes, especially when baked whole (gilled and gutted). They are extremely popular throughout the Indo–West Pacific region. Emperor flesh is moist, firm and flavoursome and easily removed from the frame after baking. Cooked whole by baking (try stuffing with herbs and nuts), steaming, poaching or deep frying, emperors are a stunning finfish to display. Poached emperor can be served chilled. They are also ideal in fillet form for frying, grilling, barbecuing or steaming. Teriyaki complements these species superbly, and emperors can be mari-nated in other similar mild flavours. If deep frying or grilling larger varieties whole, it is advisable to score them first. The skeleton and head have substantial flavour for use in stocks and as a base for sauces, soups and bouillabaisse.


Stock status overview

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