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Lings have proven to be popular species for home and commercial cooking because of the large, boned-out fillets and thick steaks, which hold their shape well in cooking. They are lovely tasting fishes with many uses, well suited to grilling, frying, barbecuing and baking. Try baking with a crust of brioche, thyme and lemon zest or prepare as kebabs. Creole, cajun or dusted with blackened spices are suitable styles for cooking ling. Because of its moistness, ling is ideal for puréeing and making into terrines or the “Thai fish cakes”. Alternatively, to exploit the firmness of the flesh, slice into strips and plait with salmon or trout, poach in a good bouillon and serve with a light citrus meunière (lightly browned butter with lemon juice and parsley).


Stock status overview

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