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The barramundi is one of Australia’s most popular foodfishes. It is well known overseas and graces tables of top restaurants around the world. Barramundi yield attractive, boned-out fillets that can be served whole or as cutlets. The large flakes provide good-sized portions and the firm texture makes it a versatile finfish to work with. Edible parts include wings, frames, cheeks and rib offcuts. Wings are reasonably priced and are very flavoursome - coated in Asian (five spice or szechuan pepper) or Cajun spice mix (paprika, ground black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, dried oregano and thyme) and deep fried they make unbelivable finger food or beer snack. The frames and heads can be used to flavour fish stock. Barramundi can be fried, grilled, barbecued, baked, char-grilled or steamed. For excellent results, barbecue and then serve with a dressing of lemon and dill butter sauce, or add to an Asian-style stir-fry. For a distinctly Australian experience, wrap whole barramundi stuffed with lemon aspen or muntharies in paperbark leaves, then bake. This can be served with lemon myrtle butter and roasted macadamias. The Aborigines traditionally wrap barra-mundi in the leaves of the wild ginger plant and bake it in hot ashes. Baby barramundi is best served whole (scaled, gutted and cleaned) as it is an ideal plate-sized fish. The fine skin can be left on during cooking. It is good barbecued or baked wrapped in paperbark or banana leaves to protect the delicate flesh.


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