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Trumpeter Whiting

Whitings are prized for their sweet, delicate flavour. They are versatile fishes that can be prepared in a number of ways including steaming, baking, barbecuing and grilling, with frying the most common. Careful handling is required because of their soft and delicate texture.Fried whiting fillets are fantastic served with chips. Smaller whiting are delicious deep fried whole.Steamed whiting...

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Quality Check
All seafood quality Check

Seafood is a perishable food. The moment it is harvested its quality is at its highest. Producers are aware of this and take measures to maintain this quality, either through storing the seafood on ice, freezing it, or keeping it alive.

The Australian Seafood Quality Index (AQI) manual is an accurate method for measuring changes in chilled seafood through the whole chain, from the point of harvest through transport, auction, distribution and sale. It was developed by Sydney Fish Market (SFM) based on work from within Australia and overseas.

It provides highly reliable way to assess seafood quality. The Quality Checklist provided below provides a simplified overview that will help seafood consumers choose their seafood.

Finfish quality

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Frozen seafood quality

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Dried seafood quality

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Mollusc oysters and other bivalves quality

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Handling and Preserving
SNAPPER__03742 Handling Snapper

Handling Snapper

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filletingA How to fillet your fish

How to fillet your fish

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ABALONE__01822 Handling Abalone

Handling Abalone

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SG_PRAWN__0145 Handling Spencer Gulf King Prawns

Handling Spencer Gulf King Prawns

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We partner with the best fisheries and farms across Australia.

The waters surrounding Australia have some of the best quality seafood anywhere in the world and the demand for this seafood from commercial, recreational and indigenous sectors is greater than ever before.

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