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Mullets are flavoursome fish that are well priced and widely available. Seasonality and species will change the flavour profile quite significantly. The Yellow Eye Mullet is said to have a similar taste and culinary qualities to the species known as “red mullet” (barbounia which does not belong to the mullet family). When panfried the Yellow Eye Mullet will release a yellow oil. Bake, grill or smoke mullets with rich flavours for best results, or use them to produce a tasty finfish pâté. The Yellow Eye Mullet lends itself to similar cooking approaches to the European Red Mullet. Slices across the flesh then barbequed over open flames brings out a range of beautiful flavours from the fish. Eat it in your hands with a glas of red wine for a real treat. The fish also wroks well in Paella or bouillabaisse. Other appropriate ingredients to complement the strong flavour of mullet include onion, garlic and tomato.For a treat, try mullet stuffed with wild rice, dried currants and pine nuts and baked in a chunky tomato salsa.It is a good idea to deep skin mullet, removing amounts of oil and red muscle, to give a uniform flavour.


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