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Swordfish are becoming more popular foodfishes in Australia. Swordfish is often described as the most “meat-like” of all fishes. The steaks have very high oil content, with a dense, meaty texture and a slightly sweet taste. The flavour is not overpowering, allowing for stronger flavours to be used in its preparation. An interesting way to prepare swordfish is to poach steaks in a strong fish stock, infused with olives. Dress with dried red capsicum, dried tomatoes, olives and oven-roasted garlic, and serve on a bed of angel hair pasta with a mash of salsify. Swordfish is also suited to grilling, frying and baking. Alternates to Sword fish, such as Striped Marlin have flesh that is darker and more strongly flavoured. It is firmly textured and quite low in moisture. Most suited to grilling, marlin can also be prepared by baking, poaching, shallow frying or smoking, or eaten raw as sashimi. Simply sear marlin on a hot grill and serve with a citrus and pecan salsa. Or you may wish to add spicier Thai flavours. Try char-grilling but keep the centre rare to avoid dryness.


Stock status overview

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