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Mullets are flavoursome fish that are well priced and widely available. Seasonality and species will change the flavour profile quite significantly. If you are after a cleaner tasting mullet, more like Mackerel look for either Diamond Scale Mullet or other species after they have completed their ocean run. Bake, grill or smoke mullets with rich flavours for best results, or use them to produce a tasty finfish pâté. Marinate with grilled fennel, bake with mushrooms or grill with oranges. Try them baked, wrapped in oiled brown paper. When the paper starts to crisp, peel and flake into large pieces. Toss in balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing and use it to crown a bed of rough-chopped, garden-fresh vegetables. Other appropriate ingredients to complement the strong flavour of mullet include onion, garlic and tomato.For a treat, try mullet stuffed with wild rice, dried currants and pine nuts and baked in a chunky tomato salsa.It is a good idea to deep skin mullet, removing amounts of oil and red muscle, to give a uniform flavour.


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