Blue-eye Trevalla

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Blue-eye trevalla, is considered by many people to be one of the finest table fish caught in Australia's southern waters. It is a very versatile and popular fish, due to its firm, moist and delicately flavoured white flesh. Available all year, the blue-eye trevalla is a big, thick-bodied finfish that has gained a great following in the past twenty years. Its mildly flavoured flesh is excellent eating. This firm-fleshed finfish lends itself well to most methods of cooking. Fillets are best enjoyed grilled or fried - cut into cubes coated individually with a herbed crumb or batter mixture it makes a tasty morsel for finger food. To ensure even cooking when deep frying, use thin portions only. These can be achieved by using a butterfly cuthe emergence of blue-eye trevalla cutlets as a popular form for this finfish will give you some extra scope in preparation. With the marrying flavours of wasabi, soy and ginger, blue-eye trevalla is also superbly suited to sashimi. Heads and frames are occasionally available and make excellent soup and stock.


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