Blue Swimmer Crab

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With their sweet, nutty flavour, and evenly textured, moist, firm flesh, blue swimmer crabs make superb eating.The firm texture and delicate flavour of the blue swimmer crab make it excellent for serving with pasta. Either as a filling for tortellini and ravioli, or as the “meat” layer in a lasagne, blue swimmer makes a delicious addition. The claws can be crumbed, stuffed, or served with chilli, ginger or plum sauces after deep frying. Be careful not to damage any of the shell if the flesh is to be removed, as blue swimmer crabs are prized for perfect presentation.Poaching, steaming, boiling and microwaving are the most appropriate methods of cooking, but this crab is also superb in soups and makes great curries. Also try stir-frying, pan-frying or making crab balls. For simple elegance try a simple crab sandwich that allows the natural flavour of the prized blue swimmer to be enjoyed without the addition of other flavours. For food safety reasons, do not reuse shells in a finished presentation.


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