Informative, factual and easy to understand video clips on key health aspects of seafood presented by global experts in their field.

Prof. MA Crawford 

Professor Michael Crawford, PhD CBiol, FIBiol, FRCPath, Director of The Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, London.   

Joe Hibbeln 

Dr Joesph R Hibbeln, Chief, Section on Neurosciences, National Instutues of Health

Stephen Cunnane 

Dr Stephen Cunnane, Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Physiology, University of Sherbrooke, Quebeck, Canada

Bill Lands 

Dr William E Lands, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Michigan, University of Illinois

Tom Brenna 

Dr Tom Brenna, Professor of Human Nutrition, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Prof. Clemens von Schacky 

Prof. Dr. Clemens von Schacky, Head of Preventive Cardiology of the University of Munich.

Dr. Philip Calder 

Professor Philip Calder, Professor of Nutritional Immunology at the University of Southampton, UK.

Jennifer McGuire 

Jennifer McGuire, registered Dietician, US National Fisheries Institute

Nic Ralston 

Dr Nick Ralston, University of North Dakota working with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Steve otwell 

Dr Steve Otwell,  Professor at the University of Florida, Aquatic Food Products Lab., USA 

Dr Leigh Broadhurst 

Dr Leigh Broadhurst,  Research Geochemist, University of Maryland, USA