Dr Stephen Cunnane

Dr Stephen CunnaneDr Stephen Cunnane is a full Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Physiology at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. In 2003 Dr Cunnane was awarded a Canada Research Chair at the Research Center on Aging. The main theme of his research is to learn about brain metabolism during aging and whether certain dietary fats or fuels can help maintain healthy cognitive function during aging. He is the author of a book  --  Survival of the Fattest: The Key to Human Brain Development and has recently co-edited another book, Human Brain Evolution: Influence of Fresh and Coastal Food Resources. Dr Cunnane has published more than 240 research papers.


  • Seafood Vital for Brain Development and Function: Part 1
    Most of us should be getting more Omega-3. The issues are the same health issues that have dogged us for half a century. It’s a question of heart health. It’s a question of cancer protection. It’s a question of brain health. The development of the baby’s brain has been under intense scrutiny since the 1970s. The evidence has gradually but persistently shown us that DHA, and some other Omega-3s, but particularly DHA, is obviously key to successful brain development. It is recommended for all aspects of healthy development and adult life.

  • Seafood Vital for Brain Development and Function: Part 2
    (People speculated that if our ancestors) … ate more fish and shellfish, this might be one of the reasons they were able to evolve and become humans as we know our species today. Well, there are some specialists who work in the fossil-hunting business who now recognise that many of the early human fossil sites in fact do contain fish bones and shellfish remains.