Ocean Perch Ocean Perch - Helicolenus barathri; Reef Ocean Perch - Helicolenus percoide

Ocean Perch

With its white flesh and delicate flavour, ocean perch can be prepared in many ways. However, the preparation should enhance and accentuate the delicate flavour. The best cooking methods are grilling and barbecuing, poaching, shallow frying, baking and steaming.

Sear sliced eggplant, zucchini, red capsicum, mushrooms and leeks. Layer these in a baking dish and cover with heated chopped tomatoes flavoured with garlic and basil. Lay ocean perch fillets on the ratatouille, cover, and bake until just cooked. Serve with shaved parmesan cheese.

Ocean perch is excellent steamed whole (gilled and gutted), Asian style.


Mild Low Medium


Verdelho or young Semillons from New South Wales, or lightly wooded Chardonnay s accompany ocean perch very well. With the Ocean Perch fillets on ratatouille, more strongly flavoured wines such as oaked Chardonnay or Victorian Marsanne are better suited.

Nutrition Information (average quantity per 100g)

Energy 350*(83* calories) Fat (total) 0.5 g Alpha‐linolenic acid 11 mg
Protein 17.0 g Saturated fat 30% of total fat Docosahexaenoic acid 102 mg

12 mg

Monounsaturated fat 19% of total fat Eicosapentaenoic acid 11 mg
Sodium na Polyunsaturated fat 51% of total fat