Striped Trumpeter Latris lineata

Striped Trumpeter

Striped trumpeter is best prepared using one of the drier cooking methods such as grilling, shallow frying or baking. It can also be smoked.

Its delicate flavour allows for stronger seasonings to be used. George and Jill Mure of Mures Upper Deck in Tasmania suggest a lightly curried preparation using coconut milk and banana (p. 309).

Alternatively, coat striped trumpeter with a mix of chopped sunflower seeds, fish sauce, ginger, lemon-grass and garlic bound with egg whites. Bake and serve on a bed of sea urchin-flavoured pasta, drizzled with a lime beurre blanc studded with glacé ginger.

Bear in mind the size of whole fish when purchasing for baking.


Medium High Medium to Moist


Verdelho or Barossa Semillons are recommended with Striped Trumpeters. Aged Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon–.Sauvignon Blanc blends are also appropriate.

Nutrition Information (average quantity per 100g)

Energy na Fat (total) na Alpha‐linolenic acid 19 mg
Protein na Saturated fat 24% of total fat Docosahexaenoic acid 311 mg


Monounsaturated fat 18% of total fat Eicosapentaenoic acid 27 mg
Sodium na Polyunsaturated fat 54% of total fat