Coral Trout Barcheek Coral Trout - Plectropomus maculatus; Blue-Spotted Coral Trout - Plectropomus laevis; Common Coral Trout - Plectropomus leopardus; Coronation Trout - Variola louti

Coral Trout

Coral trouts are among the most sought-after reef fishes for their impressive appearance and fine eating qualities. Their delicate flavour and fine, white flakes appeal to most. Bake, steam, poach or grill, but avoid handling them too much as their delicate flakes can be easily damaged. Enrich with an abundance of citrus, light butter sauces, parsley and chives.

Highlight these species’ attractively coloured skin by cooking and presenting them whole (gilled and gutted).

Fillets of coral trout and trout (rainbow or brown trout) can be plaited together to present an interesting contrast in colour and flavour.

The cheek flesh from coral trouts is very highly regarded and should not be wasted.




Delicate and sweet flavour

Low Moist


To accentuate the sweet and piquant flavours of these species, it is important to select table wines with subtle varietal characteristics and understated flavours. Cool climate white wines are preferred and varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, or blends of both are suitable.

Nutrition Information (average quantity per 100g)

Energy na Fat (total) 0.6 g Alpha‐linolenic acid 27 mg
Protein na Saturated fat 32% of total fat Docosahexaenoic acid 149 mg

25 mg

Monounsaturated fat 16% of total fat Eicosapentaenoic acid 9mg
Sodium na Polyunsaturated fat 52% of total fat