Blue Grenadier Macruronus novaezelandiae

Blue Grenadier

Quickly becoming more popular throughout Australia, blue grenadier provides a large, medium thickness, boned-out fillet with a thin, edible skin. The skin is usually removed from imported product. An increasing number of people are trying these finfish as fillets or cutlets.

Blue grenadier has a delicate, sweet, succulent flavour, with moist flesh that flakes easily. When raw, its flesh is soft and requires careful handling. It is most suited to frying or baking because of the low oiliness of the species, but it is also excellent for grilling or barbecuing.

If frying blue grenadier fillets, a light batter or crumb is best. Serve these with a strongly flavoured citrus aioli and crisply fried basil leaves for both flavour and presentation. Try deep frying and serving with chips.

Blue grenadier is also an ideal finfish to include in fish cakes, served with sweet chilli or soy and coriander dipping sauces.


Mild, sometimes slightly “fishy” Low Moist


Although lightly flavoured, the blue grenadier is flavoursome when baked, requiring crisp, acidic wine styles. To enhance the flavours try one of the young white styles from the cooler regions of Western Australia, Victoria or Tasmania.

Nutrition Information (average quantity per 100g)

Energy 344 (82 calories) Fat (total) 0.4 g Alpha‐linolenic acid 9mg
Protein 16.9 g Saturated fat 31% of total fat Docosahexaenoic acid 139 mg
Cholesterol 17 mg Monounsaturated fat 18% of total fat Eicosapentaenoic acid 27 mg
Sodium 94 mg Polyunsaturated fat 51% of total fat