Thanks to the Experts

Fishfiles is a portal into the world of seafood. It provides the basic information in a simple un-biased way. It is a living site where new information will be provided and where consumers can seek advice from experts and partners. If you cannot find what you are after on this site, ask and we will try and provide the answer or point you in the right direction to find it.

Over twenty years of research, development and knowledge have gone into building the Fishfiles website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The depth and range of information contained in Fishfiles meant the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) required input and help from a wide range of experts and partners. Over 200 chefs, fishers, researchers and seafood lovers have assisted in preparing this information. And for that we are very appreciative.

The following experts have provided their time and expertise in developing new material for Fishfiles.

  • Andrew Puglisi and the team @ Kinkawooka Mussels
  • Chase Kojima @ Sokyo at the Star
  • Claire Webber and David Ellis @ Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association
  • Craig Foster @ Cleanseas Tuna
  • Joel Best @ Bondi's Best
  • Lester Marshal @ Coffin Bay Oyster Farm
  • Lisa Downs and John Susman @ Fishtales
  • Luca Ciano @ Barilla cooking school
  • Lucas Woolford, Mark Boulter and Louise Shaw @ Sydney Fish Market
  • Martin Boetz  @ Cook's Co-op
  • Matt Kemp @ Gazebo Wine Garden
  • Paul Watson and the crew of the Markane @ South Australian Sardine Industry Association
  • Pete Evans @ BU Organics
  • Peter Cole @ Peter's Fish Market
  • Shannon Debreceny @ three blue ducks
  • Tobias Craig and Samara Miller @ Abalone Industry Association of South Australia
  • Tom Walton @ the Bucket list
  • Trent Gregory @ South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishermen's Association

Fishfiles Development team

  • FRDC Staff, in particular – Rachelle Etienne-Breidenbach, Ilaria Catizone and Julie Haldane,
  • Lindsay Davidson @ White Fox
  • Hayley Rollason @ Curl Co. Productions
  • Scott and Martin Bowerman @ Seabee productions

Projects used in the development of Fishfiles include:


Develop and promote the Australian Fish Names Standard (AS-SSA 5300) and ensure reaccreditation as a Standards Development Organisation


Tactical Research Fund: Developing a dynamic regional brand - focus on flavour


Tactical Research Fund: development of the Eyre Peninsula Retail and Food Service Seafood User Guide


Extending the shelf life of fresh mussels (a MISA project)


Seafood CRC: MISA - the seafood cool chain: product shelf life, eating quality and price premium


Developing targeted strategies for improving product quality through selected low value seafood supply chains


DNA barcoding Australia's fishes


Development of a quality index for Australian seafood


The Workboot Series - Fishing:  The story of the fishing industry in Australia


Developing domestic and international seafood markets for undervalued and under-utilised seafood products


Upgrade of national fisheries database to include images an common names of Australian fishes


Nutrient composition of Australian fish species


Hooking into Asian festivals


Identification of market requirements for future development of the Australian Seafood Catering Manual


Publication of a seafood catering manual


Development of a seafood catering manual