Want to include some healthy and delicious seafood in your  meal, but not sure where to start? Here are some of our favourite seafood cookbooks you can search for inspiration.

book coverTitle: Northern Territory Seafood
Author: David Hancock
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Northern Territory Seafood narrates the stories of professional fishers and portrays the largely pristine environment in which they work. Exquisitely written and photographed by David Hancock, the reader will be taken to some of the Territory's more remote habitats. No book about the sea would be complete without a selection of unique Territory-style recipes. Darwin chefs Steve Sunk and Jason Wilkes have cooked up 80 stunning seafood dishes that are spread lavishly throughout the 224-page book.








book coverTitle: The Oyster Seekers
Author: Mandy Bruce
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"Gourmand World Awards - Winner, Best UK Fish and Seafood Book. Think of Whitstable and you think of oysters. Think of oysters and you think of Wheelers. The original Wheelers, which spawned the most successful group of fish restaurants in the world, is still tucked away in this quiet Kent fishing village. This beautiful, inspiring cookery book is full of tales of the sea, mouthwatering recipes and hints and tips on how to prepare your seafood, so that you'll never be frightened when faced with cooking a fresh fish again". Amazon







book coverTitle: Fish
Authors: Sophie Grigson and William Black
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"Fish is delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare, but there are still many cooks who worry about what to buy and what to do with it. In Fish, these problems are addressed and solved. Sophie Grigson has collected more than 180 marvelous fish recipes, such as Tuna Teriyaki with Soba Noodles, Maryland Crab Cakes, Provenal Fish Soup, Thai Squid Salad, and Yucatan Fish Tortillas. And if anyone can teach you about matters piscine, expert William Black can. Armed with helpful tips on buying, storing, and preparing fish, you will soon share this couple's passion and expertise". Amazon







book coverTitle: The photographer the cook and the fisherman
Authors: Richard Bennett, Jill and George Mure -
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"Tasmanian seafood pioneer George Mure collaborated with wife and cook Jill and photographer Richard Bennett to produce a guide to Tasmanian fishing with beautiful photography and recipes. No one knows the delicate balance of marine resources better than the careful fisherman George Mure. George warns of over fishing and other problems which threaten the sustainability of what he describes as our "cornucopia of the sea'." Tas Food Books








book coverTitle: Sushi, taste and technique
Authors: Kimiko Barber and Hiroki Takemura
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"The quintessential book for any sushi lover, Sushi: Taste and Technique shows you all you need to know about this exceptionally delicious and healthy cuisine, how to locate the freshest ingredients, how to use the right equipment, and how to master the etiquette of eating sushi correctly. From makizushi to hand rolls to vegetarian versions, this book teaches you how to create any kind of sushi."







book coverTitle: Fishworks, Seafood café cookbook
Author: Mitchell Tonks
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"This critically acclaimed title is Mitch Tonks' debut cookbook. Featuring more than 150 recipes that are simple to cook and which produce fantastic results, this is much more than just a collection of chef's recipes. The book is the perfect introduction to cooking with fish, with enough versatility throughout to inspire even the most accomplished fish cook The watchword throughout is simplicity. This visually stunning book features the work of Carlo Chinca, whose striking photography plays surrealistically with Mitch's recipes, helping to convey the rich talents of an exciting new arrival on the cookery scene.






book coverTitle: The fishmonger's cookbook
Author: Mitchell Tonks
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"Based around practicality and lifestyle, The Fishmonger's Cookbook is the essential seafood guide teaching you everything from handy tips for cooking and preparing fish to simple and delicious recipes to feed a family, for a special occasion, or just for one. Learn how to tell what's fresh and what's not, the questions to ask your fishmonger, and which ingredients, prepared and put together simply, can produce the most mouthwatering dishes. With the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and simplicity, this is the only seafood book you'll ever need."







book coverTitle: Rick Stein's seafood odyssey
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"Britain's number one bestselling seafood cookery author embarks on a world tour of seafood cuisine and creates over 150 fabulous new fish dishes inspired by his travels. Having sold over 100,000 copies in hardback, Rick Stein's bestseller is now available in paperback. Rick travels to some of the world's main centres of seafood excellence, picking up recipe ideas, sampling new ingredients and gleaning new techniques for preparing and cooking fish. Armed with the fruits of his travels, he returns from each destination to Padstow to create his own specially adapted and inspired fish and seafood dishes. Among the places Rick visits on his seafood quest are Chesapeake Bay on the east coast of America where he goes in search of the blue swimming crab, the small town of Noosa in Queensland where he finds some of the most innovative seafood restaurants in the world and the delightful fishing village of Hua Hin in Thailand.





book coverTitle: Sydney Seafood School cookbook
Author: Roberta Muir
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Now, for the first time, the School shares its wealth of tips and techniques, along with more than 80 outstanding recipes from Australia's leading chefs. Try your hand at Pete Evans' garlic prawns, David Thompson's grilled barramundi curry or Alex Herbert's fish'n'chips. Or treat your friends and family to Tetsuya's crudo of leatherjacket, Neil Perry's bar rock cod tagine or Frank Camorra's Galician-style octopus.