Microwave cooking


How to do it

Score the flesh of gilled and gutted finfish or thick fillets, for more even cooking. If the seafood starts to split during cooking, lower the power or, if it is cooked, remove it from the oven.

Arrange seafood in a single, flat layer or roll it, to achieve uniform thickness. Space the seafood evenly around the cooking platter, placing the thicker edges pointing outward, and avoid having the seafood protrude over the edge of the platter.

Cover with cling wrap, paper or a suitable lid. A cover ensures moisture retention and even cooking, but leave a small gap to allow steam build-up to escape.

Re-arrange during cooking to ensure even cooking.

Use 70% power, and remove the seafood from the microwave oven when the outer edges are opaque, but the centre is still slightly translucent. Allow to stand for about two to three minutes, while tightly covered to keep in the heat.

Cooking times

These will vary considerably depending on the species, thickness, quantity and initial temperature of the seafood, and on the equipment. The times suggested below are a general guide only.

For a 650 watt microwave oven:

Seafood Microwave settings Approximate cooking times for steaming
Gilled and gutted whole finfish

large (per 750 g)
small (per 250 g)


6 minutes
3–4 minutes

Finfish fillets
per 250 g Medium–high 2–3 minutes
Prawns   2–4 minutes
Per 125 g in a marinade Medium–high 2 minutes