Snapper has a wide distribution in Australia, from the Gascoyne region on the west coast of Western Australia, around the south of the continent, and up to northern Queensland around Hinchinbrook Island.   








The broad distribution means Snapper is caught in a number of fisheries including

  • East Coast Inshore Fin Fish Fishery (Queensland)
  • Rocky Reef Fin Fish Fishery (Queensland)
  • Ocean Fishery (Victoria)
  • Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Fishery (Victoria)
  • Ocean Trap and Line Fishery (New South Wales)
  • Spencer Gulf (SA)
  • Gulf St Vincent (SA)
  • South East (SA)
  • West Coast (SA)
  • South Coast (WA)
  • Shark Bay Oceanic (WA)
  • West Coast (WA)
  • New Zealand

Most fisheries that target adult Snapper use hook-and-line fishing techniques, which are likely to have little direct impact on benthic habitats.

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