Spencer Gulf Prawns



Australian's love prawns. On average Australia produces around 25,000 tonnes of prawns are produced annually, 21,000 tons are wild caught from the ocean and about 5,000 tonnes are produced by Australia's prawn farms.







  • Northern Prawn Fishery
  • Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery
  • Exmouth Gulf Prawn Fishery (WA)
  • Trawl - East Coast (QLD)
  • Prawn Fishery (VIC)
  • Estuary Prawn Trawl (NSW)
  • West Coast Prawn Fishery (SA)
  • Gulf of Saint Vincent Prawn (SA)
  • Kimberley Prawn (WA)
  • Onslow Prawn (WA)
  • Nickol Bay Prawn (WA)
  • Broome Prawn (WA)
  • Shark Bay Fishery Prawn (WA)

Prawn Farms

Prawn farming


Prawn farms are found in the northern parts of Australia, mainly in Queensland.

Aquaculture prawn farming began in the 1980's with most farms being located on flat land adjacent to sea water sources, such as tidal rivers or creeks.

The warmer waters enable the prawn to grow more rapidly and allow year round production. The main species of prawns farmed are black tiger prawns and banana prawns.

Prawn farming requires enormous investment and prawn farms are subject to very strict environmental controls. Farms help even out the peaks and troughs of prawn production.

Prawn farming sector employs the equivalent of 300 full-time jobs mostly in rural communities. Australia currently produces around 5,000 tonnes that will equate to an annual value of approximately $80 million. 


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