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The Australian oyster industry includes 550+ individuals and businesses located mostly in three states, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania.

For more on the Australian Oyster Industry visit http://www.oystersaustralia.org.au/ 






 Map of Australian Oyster industry
To see more information on the small red dots on your interested region visit the Australian Oyster Growing Regions website at http://www.oystersaustralia.org.au/who-where-how.


Oyster species

Image of Oyster species



Australian oyster growers farm three species of oyster in Australia's coastal waters:            

  • Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas sp.) in SA, Tas and some in NSW
  • Sydney Rock Oyster (Saccostrea glomerata sp.) in NSW, QLD and some in WA
  • Angasi (flat) Oyster (Ostrea angasi) in small volumes across all states. The Milky Oyster (Sacostrea cucullata) and the Blacklip Oyster (Striostria mytiloides) are also found in small volumes. 

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