The waters surrounding Australia have some of the best quality seafood anywhere in the world and the demand for this seafood from commercial, recreational and indigenous sectors is greater than ever before. Australia also has an enviable global reputation for responsible and appropriate fisheries management.

Australian seafood producers go to extreme lengths to make sure that the consumer is getting the best quality product.  As global demand for seafood continues there is an increasing requirement for understanding the industries and the people who provide the seafood on your plate. This includes ensuring the fish are captured and processed as quickly as possible and then stored at optimal conditions to ensure maximum freshness by the time they hit your plate.
Our fishers and producers want to share their stories about their passion, livelihood, quality and diversity of products and stories available to you, the consumer. We are assisting this by facilitating the link between primary producer and consumer, enabling the fisherman and producers to showcase their pride in their product, industry and life investment. This takes advantage of the existing resources about the product and their respective recipe suggestions. Below you will find some information on selected fishers and producers outlining how your seafood has been handled and the efforts that these amazing people go to in order for you to have the freshest and highest quality seafood on your plate. 
It is the Fishfiles goal to provide more detail on the seafood producers and suppliers across Australia in the coming months. As we finish researching a fishery and supplier we will provide more details here. To start with we have started with the Spencer Gulf Prawn Association and NZ snapper. More to come soon. 
Prawns Snapper Abalone
Oysters Lobster​ ​Salmon (to be published soon)

This page and the content is a Fisheries and Research Development Corporation (FRDC) initiative.  Funding was provided to a group of 18 potential future seafood industry leaders in 2015 as part of the National Seafood Industry Leadership program (NSILP). This is a 6-month program facilitated by Rural Training Initiatives. The 2015 NSILP group’s vision is to celebrate our story of proudly and responsibly harvested seafood.