Fresh, frozen, chilled or live

Once you have a species in mind, you need to decide if you'd prefer to buy it frozen, chilled or live. Availability will play a part in this decision, but you should also consider:

Timing - When are you planning to consume the seafood you are purchasing today?

Freshness- It is a myth that chilled seafood is always of better quality than frozen. Often, fish that was frozen shortly after capture will be of better quality than something that sits in your fridge for a couple of days before you cook it.

Storage space- do you have enough space in your fridge or freezer to store the seafood? Do you have somewhere to keep your live seafood, so that it stays alive?

Skills – if you select to purchase live seafood, do you have the skills and knowledge to kill it humanely and without causing it too much stress? This will impact on the quality of your product. See  some tips on killing live seafood.