Banded Morwong


Morwongs have creamy flesh with a distinctive flavour and they are ideally suited to frying, baking, steaming or barbecuing whole (gilled and gutted). The size of these species makes them excellent for presentation—especially if deep-fried whole and served with a coriander, chilli and lime dressing. Alternatively, wrap the finfish in foil and bake with lemon and fresh parsley, then douse with a warm vinaigrette of lemon, virgin olive oil and toasted sesame seeds. Score flesh on both sides before cooking to allow for even heat penetration. Morwongs also marry well with the flavours of teriyaki, chilli, basil and coconut milk, when used in fragrant seafood curries. Morwongs can be used in place of snapper or red emperor as an inexpensive centrepiece for a buffet.

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Nutrition Information

(average quantity per 100g)

475 (113 calories)
21 g
19 mg
FAT, TOTAL: 0.7 g
Saturated: 38% of total fat
Trans: na
Polyunsaturated: 41% of total fat
Omega 3: na
Alpha-linolenic Acid: 32 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid: 99 mg
Eicosapentaenoic Acid: 25 mg
Omega 6: na
Monounsaturated: 21% of total fat
Sugars: na
SODIUM: 98 mg


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